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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'30

Proceedings of the 30th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
27-29 October 2021, Oulu, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-6-5
Sergey Balandin, Juha Roning and Tatiana Shatalova

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Aytac K., Ozdemir H., Turkoglu M., Dilmac M., Korcak O. AQMoT: Implementation of Special Queue Management Approach for Internet of Things 3 9
Bondareva A., Shilov I. Method of Grouping Subjects and Objects in Information Systems 10 15
Btissam B., Driss B. Partially Connected Neural Networks for an Efficient Classification of Traffic Signs 16 23
Bulygin A., Kashevnik A. Image-Based Fatigue Detection of Vehicle Driver: State-of-the-Art and Reference Model 24 31
Cornejo L., Urbano R., Ugarte W. Mobile Application for Controlling a Healthy Diet in Peru Using Image Recognition 32 41
David J., Jarvenpaa E., Lobov A. Digital Threads via Knowledge-Based Engineering Systems 42 51
Geyda A. Toward the Theory of Using Information for Actions in Systems: Prospects for Research and Reviews 52 63
Grishin I., Timirgaleeva R., Linnik I. Air Navigation: Adaptive Filtration of Parameters of Motion of Manoeuvrable UAVs 64 70
Hirsimaki M., Alavesa P., Arhippainen L. Between Beats: Linking Player Engagement to Advertisement Frequency and Intrusiveness 71 78
Korzhik V., Starostin V., Yakovlev V., Flaksman D., Bukshin I., Izotov B. Digital Watermarking System for Hard Cover Objects Against Cloning Attacks 79 85
Kramar V., Hinkula H., Kolli T., Rauhala A., Erkkila J., Roning J. Overview of the Nordic Challenges for Unmanned Aircraft Systems 86 98
Kramar V., Nikolakopoulos G., Roning J., Tomasello F. Urban Air Mobility Overview - the European Landscape 99 106
Krinkin K., Kulikov I., Vodyaho A., Zhukova N. Architecture of Cloud Telecommunication Network Monitoring Platform Based on Knowledge Graphs 107 114
Kupriyanov R., Zvonarev D., Suleymanov R. Application Of Machine Learning Methods To Compare Disciplines Content Using Text Data 115 120
Kvet M. Autonomous Temporal Transaction Database 121 128
Leech S., Malone D., Dunne J. Heads Or Tails: A Framework To Model Supply Chain Heterogeneous Messages 129 140
Meigal A., Tretjakova O., Gerasimova-Meigal L., Prokhorov K., Sayenko I. Motion Videocapture and Treadmill to study Postural Reactivity and Transition: Application to the condition of Dry Immersion in Parkinson's Disease 141 147
Ohrankammen J., Alavesa P. Arhippainen L. Approaching Collaborative Flow in Collaborative Gaming, a Survey Study 148 154
Paramonov I., Poletaev A. Adaptation of Semantic Rule-Based Sentiment Analysis Approach for Russian Language 155 164
Paskoshev D., Kopanitsa G., Trofimov E., Metsker O. Simulation of a Judicial Process using Machine Learning to Analyze Administrative Prejudice and Indicate the Quality of Justice 165 170
Pavlov A., Voloshina N. Dataset Selection for Attacker Group Identification Methods 171 176
Ponomarev A. Methods for Aggregating Crowdsourced Ontology-based Item Annotations 177 183
Raccagni W., Ntalampiras S. Acoustic Classification of Cat Breed Based on Time and Frequency Domain Features 184 189
Raich K., Kathrein R., Doller M. Large Scale Multimodal Data Processing Middleware for Intelligent Transport Systems 190 199
Rego G., Bazhenov N., Korzun D. Trajectory Construction for Autonomous Robot Movement based on Sensed Physical Parameters and Video Data 200 206
Richter H., Shilov N. Impact of COVID-19 on Customer's Perception About Purchasing Digitizable Products 207 215
Rivas M., Alvarez P., Barrientos A., Cuadros M. Proxemics Toolkit For F-formation Patterns Detection 216 222
Rogov A., Moskin N., Kulakov K., Abramov R. Machine Learning Methods in the Problem of Attribution of Publicistic Texts of the XIX Century 223 229
Rudd S., Cunningham H. Low-Energy Authentication with Selective Privacy for Heterogeneous IoT Devices in Smart-Farms 230 238
Savosin S., Teslya N., Mikhailov S. Assessment Formation of Open Data Sources During Their Aggregation For Analyzing Road Accidents 239 245
Shilov N. An Approach to Behavior Modeling Based on Elements of Theories of Planned and Organizational Behavior 246 252
Shushkevich E., Cardiff J. Detecting Fake News About Covid-19 on Small Datasets with Machine Learning Algorithms 253 258
Sottile F., Ehsanibalajorshary S., Coriasco L., Pastrone C., Iacoviello R., Zappia D. Design of a 3D Indoor Localization System Enabling Augmented Reality TV Applications 259 266
Staroletov S. Architectural Software-Hardware Co-Modeling a Real-World Cyber-Physical System: Arduino-Based ArduPilot Case 267 278
Stolbova A., Ganeev R., Ivaschenko A. Intelligent Identification of Fake Accounts on Social Media 279 284
Svetlov K., Legostaeva N. Digital Transformation in the Russian Federation: Thematic Landscape of Online Communities 285 291
Zabrovskiy A., Agrawal P., Timmerer C., Prodan R. FAUST: Fast Per-Scene Encoding Using Entropy-Based Scene Detection and Machine Learning 292 304