Academia-to-Industry Competence Incubator

Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'31

Proceedings of the 31st Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
27-29 April 2022, Helsinki, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-7-2
Sergey Balandin and Tatiana Shatalova

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish Youtube
Aliaga-Vasquez M., Bramon-Ayllon R., Ugarte W. Efficient Grocery Shopping Using Geolocation and Data Mining 3 11
Bisht D., Kojage M., Shukla M., Prakash Patil Y., Bagade P. Smart Communication System Using Sign Language Interpretation 12 20
Bolshakova Y., Taratukhin V. Development of a Model of Design Thinking Hybrid Implementation in the Post-pandemic World 21 29
Bulygin A., Kashevnik A. Methodology for in-the-Wild Driver Monitoring Dataset Formation 30 36
Cortes Castillo A. BCube Connected Crossbar And GBC3 Network Architecture: An Overview 37 44
Gerasimov A., Trofimov E., Kopanitsa G., Metsker O. Modelling Investment Programs With Machine Learning and Data Mining: Descriptive and Predictive Models of Healthcare State Programs in Russia 45 50
Haque M., Islam R., Shafiullah M, Hossen S. Stability Enhancement of Single Machine Infinite Bus System with UPFC using Bat Algorithm 51 57
Ivanov S., Zudilova T., Osipov N., Ivanova L. Algorithm of the Hybrid Transformation Method for Modeling Dynamic Systems 58 70
Joshi M., Pant D., Karn R., Heikkonen J., Kanth R. Meta-Learning, Fast Adaptation, and Latent Representation for Head Pose Estimation 71 78
Karn R., Das R., Pant D., Heikkonen J., Kanth R. Automated Testing and Resilience of Microservice's Network-link using Istio Service Mesh 79 88
Konev I., Nikiforov I., Ustinov S. Algorithm for Containers' Persistent Volumes Auto-scaling in Kubernetes 89 95
Konstantinov A., Utkin L., Kirpichenko S. AGBoost: Attention-based Modification of Gradient Boosting Machine 96 101
Konstantinov A, Utkin L. Multiple Instance Learning through Explanation by Using a Histopathology Example 102 108
Korzun D., Semenov A., Balandin S. Exhibition Area Digitalization Using IoT Sensorics and Application to Smart Tourism Services 109 114
Kotiurova I., Trenina P. Comparative Analysis of Automatic POS Taggers Applied to German Learner Texts 115 124
Kumsetty N., Nekkare A., Kamath S., Kumar A. TrashBox: Trash Detection and Classification using Quantum Transfer Learning 125 130
Kuryshev V., Baimuratov I., Shmatkov V., Mouromtsev D. Generating Visualizations of Ontologies in the Logic Graphs Language 131 137
Kvet Mic., Kvet Mar., Konstiakov L., Dupak B., Dunaj J. Police Force - Traffic Accidents 138 144
Kvet Mic., Majerciakova L., Gibhardt A., Miljkovic L., Bouhtout W. Performance Analysis of the Database of Telecommunications 145 152
Kvet Mic., Stasko J., Wang Y., Lima A., Gavrilovic T. Online Retailing and Shopping: An Academical Simulation to Databases 153 159
Lagutina K. Topical Text Classification of Russian News: a Comparison of BERT and Standard Models 160 166
Marakhtanov A., Parenchenkov E., Smirnov N. Mouse Dynamics Analysis Using Machine Learning to Prevent Account Stealing in Web Systems 167 173
Marusov A., Kaprielova M., Neychev R. Enhancing Human Pose Estimation with Privileged Learning 174 180
Meskanen T., Kuusijarvi J., Ramezanian S., Niemi V. Privacy-friendly Discovery of Common Friends in P2P Networks 181 188
Niemi A., Sovio S., Ekberg J. Towards Interoperable Enclave Attestation: Learnings from Decades of Academic Work 189 200
Nieminen L., Vuori J., Ketamo H., Kankaanpaa M. Applying Semantic Computing for Health Care Professionals: the Timing of Intervention is the Key for Successful Rehabilitation 201 206
Nikitin E., Kashevnik A., Shilov N. Shopping Basket Analisys for Mining Equipment: Comparison and Evaluation of Modern Methods 207 213
Nkodia D., Menshchikov A., Tatarov D. Processing of Unstructured Information About Software Vulnerabilities 214 219
Ortiz W., Castillo D., Wong L. Mobile Application: A Serious Game Based in Gamification for Learning Mathematics in High School Students 220 228
Pencheva E., Trifonov V., Atanasov I. Towards Intelligent Train Control Systems 229 236
Perezyabov O., Gavrilenkov M., Afanasyev I. Depth and Image Fusion for Road Obstacle Detection Using Stereo Camera 237 244
Posokhov P., Apanasovich K., Matveeva A., Makhnytkina O., Matveev A. Personalizing Dialogue Agents for Russian: Retrieve and Refine 245 252
Queiruga-Dios M., Battista F., Santos Sanchez M., Queiruga-Dios A. Active Learning to Find the Key to Unlock Your Laptop 253 258
Queiruga-Dios A., Bullon Perez J., Hernandez Encinas L. Self-Sovereign Identity in University Context 259 264
Rudd S., Cunningham H. Towards Lightweight Authorisation of IoT-Oriented Smart-Farms using a Self-Healing Consensus Mechanism 265 276
Salgado J., Pizarro C., Wong L., Castillo J. IoT Watercare: Water Quality Control System in Unofficial Settlements of Peru Based in an IoT Architecture 277 288
Sharma M., Gupta A., Goyal V. SRAM Design Issues and Effective Panacea at Different CMOS Technology Nodes 289 295
Shchekotov M., Smirnov A. The Ontology Driven Indoor Positioning System Based On BLE Beacon Localization 296 304
Sherstinova T., Moskvina A., Kirina M., Zavyalova I., Karysheva A., Kolpashchikova E., Maksimenko P., Moskalenko A. Topic Modeling of Literary Texts Using LDA: on the Influence of Linguistic Preprocessing on Model Interpretability 305 312
Shilov I., Zakoldaev D. Multidimensional Blockchain as Robust Distributed Ledger 313 319
Sipola T., Alatalo J., Kokkonen T., Rantonen M. Artificial Intelligence in the IoT Era: A Review of Edge AI Hardware and Software 320 331
Smirnov A., Teslya N. Adjustment of Fuzzy Cooperative Game for Hospitalization Strategy Selection Based on a Genetic Algorithm 332 338
Teslya N., Mohammed S. Deep Learning for Handwriting Text Recognition: Existing Approaches and Challenges 339 346
Uvarov K., Ponomarev A. Maintaining Vehicle Driver's State Using Personalized Interventions 347 354
Varlamova A., Kitov V. Survey of Approaches to Non-Realistic Neural Style Transfer 355 362
Yakovlev V., Korzhik V., Akhmetshina M., Zhuvikin A. Key Sharing Protocol Using Exchange by Integers over Public Noiseless Channels Between Users that Provides Security without Cryptographic Assumptions 363 370
Zhukova N., Subbotin A. Applications for Monitoring and Visualizing Events from the Cloud or Fog Environment 371 379