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25th FRUCT conference: 3rd ISAI19 workshop

The 3rd IEEE FRUCT International Workshop on Semantic Audio and the Internet of Things

We welcome you to take part in the Third IEEE FRUCT International Workshop on Semantic Audio and the Internet of Things (ISAI19) that will be held in Helsinki (Finland) on 7-8 November 2019, in conjunction with FRUCT25**.** Download CFP in PDF 


Semantic Audio is a research area devoted to the application of Semantic Web technologies to music and audio in general. The extraction of meaningful information through audio analysis yields metadata that different application areas may take advantage of. Music information retrieval, environmental sound recognition and event detection, audio production, gaming and intelligent live performance tools such as smart instruments are a few examples among numerous applications in this domain. A wider research area, with a stronger link with Semantic Audio is the Internet of Things. The latter may exploit Semantic Audio methodologies to process audio signals produced by sensors, the main building blocks of IoT applications, for instance, in environments such as smart buildings or smart cities. Vice versa, Semantic Audio may benefit from IoT and its native propensity to interoperability, as in the case of the Internet of Musical Things (IoMuT), to explore new ways of producing and accessing musical content, or new ways of using audio for sensing and control in smart environments.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following subject areas:

• Speech and environmental audio processing and analysis for the Internet of Things
• Audio signal processing and feature extraction in the IoT
• Semantic audio description and ontologies
• Semantic Web and Linked Data for audio
• Music informatics and retrieval in networked environments
• Internet of Musical Things
• IoT technologies in professional audio production and delivery
• Collaborative creation of audio content in a network
• Applications in gaming, entertainment, education, etc.

We welcome researchers as well as industry stakeholders to submit papers and take part in the workshop to share their research and findings. Early registration is a cost effective way to participate in the Workshop and the 25th FRUCT conference. All workshop papers will be published Open Access in FRUCT proceeding at no additional cost (available for free under a CC BY-ND license download from FRUCT proceedings catalog). The workshop posters and demos can be presented on the FRUCT25 Demo Session on 7 November 2019.

Call for papers and presentations

You can select one of the following 3 types of submissions:
- Full papers (min 6 full pages and up to 12 pages), deadline September 16, 2019;
- Short papers (min 2 pages, max 6 pages), deadline September 16, 2019**;**
- Poster or demo summary (min 200 words, max 5 pages), by October 28, 2019**.**

Please note that some papers submitted as Full Papers can be recommended for publication as Work in Progress. Work in Progress publications are publications of generally good quality, which unfortunately don’t get into 40% top of the conference, but still deserve to be published, but just will get less guarateed indexing. To increase your chance to get your paper accepted as Full Paper, we recommend to submit it by the Early bird submission deadline, as this way you always will have a second chance to improve the paper and get another round of review.

The Early bird submission deadline: August 19, 2019.

Please note that one person can be a coauthor of at maximum 3 submissions of all types: Submit

Workshop dates: 7-8 November 2019
Conference location: Helsinki, Finland
Short Paper submission deadline: 16 September 2019
Full Paper Submission deadline: 16 September 2019
Notification of acceptance date: 7 October 2019
Camera-ready submission deadline: 14 October 2019
Authors registration deadline: 14 October 2019
Demos/Posters submission deadline: 28 October 2019

The templates and other practical details on publishing your papers can be found at FRUCT CFP page.


The workshop co-chairs: Gyorgy Fazekas and Mathieu Barthet

If you get any questions feel free to send an email to