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35th FRUCT conference: 8th DataWorld workshop

The 8th Workshop on the Databases Worldwide will be held on the main days of the 35th FRUCT conference on 24-26 April 2024. The workshop will be held as a mixed of onsite and online participation, i.e., distant participation is allowed. We welcome you to submit your papers.

Call for papers, posters and demos

The workshop aims to provide complex discussion capability about the current problems and trends in the database systems and data analytics. Over the years, it is evident, that the amount of the data was significantly changed. Almost every system, every device produces data that needs to be processed, evaluated, stored, and analyzed, with an emphasis on quality, reliability, temporality, and spatial determination. Complex decision making is possible only if the particular data are available, mostly produced by the database environment. This workshop will be concerned with the architecture of individual systems and approaches, performance optimization, transformation techniques, indexes, reliability of the processed values, as well as analytics. It will highlight performance, limitations, and new perspectives dealing with the data, mostly in cloud environment. Data retrieval, indexing process, and performance can really become strong issues if the amount of data is rapidly changed. Scalability and data distribution techniques will be concerned by the workshop, as well. All these factors strongly impact the usability of the systems and real applicability. Online transaction systems are supervised by data warehouses, lakes, marts, or other architectures offering complex analytics. This workshop is also concerned with environmental data analytics since the climate is changing and research should also contribute to that to lower the consequences. This could provide a perfect place for the discussions. We are looking forward to proposing the environment under the FRUCT organization and conferences to provide valuable contributions and discussions.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • environmental data processing,
  • data analytics,
  • relational databases, architecture enhancements,
  • autonomous databases in cloud, cloud computing, data driven applications and systems,
  • blockchain,
  • SQL tuning,
  • data security,
  • data and textual representation mapping,
  • spatial databases,
  • temporal databases,
  • non-relational approaches, indexing, and transformations,
  • reliability of the data,
  • databases and ad-hoc networks,
  • cloud database environment,
  • indexing in multiple database structures,
  • data distribution techniques,
  • smart city,
  • workload management,
  • database efficiency,
  • database analytics, warehouses, marts,
  • optimization in databases,
  • complex data driven database applications in education, health-care systems, and transportation,
  • usage of complex sensorial networks supervised by the databases in the industry and mobile environment,
  • monitoring database,
  • machine learning and artificial intelligent in database systems.

The event is being run alongside the 35th FRUCT an interdisciplinary conference. The participants to the workshop will have access to all the sessions of the FRUCT conference.

For your submissions please use the paper templates MS Word and LaTeX.

Important dates

  • Workshop dates: 24-26 April 2024
  • Workshop location: Tampere (Finland)
  • Short Paper submission deadline: 1 March 2024
  • Full Paper Submission deadline: 1 March 2024
  • Notification of acceptance date: 25 March 2024
  • Camera-ready submission deadline: 1 April 2024
  • Authors registration deadline: 1 April 2024
  • Demos/Posters submission deadline: 12 April 2024


All accepted Full Papers will appear in the proceedings of the FRUCT conference (ISSN 2305-7254). They will be included in IEEE Xplore and DOAJ and will be indexed by Scopus, ACM, Web of Science, and DBLP. Poster papers and demos will not be included in those databases.


The first draft of the workshop program will be published on 5 April 2024 (excluding posters and demo session part).

Practical details

Workshop chair: Michal Kvet. He is covering research in complex database systems, analytics, performance, SQL tuning, co-author of multiple books dealing with the database systems and temporality, member of Oracle ACE Alum team, university coordinator of multiple Erasmus+ projects (like Including Everyone in Green Data Analysis – EverGreen -

Registration to the workshop is open here.

If you get some questions that are not covered at the conference web page, feel free to send email to