Academia-to-Industry Competence Incubator

Open Innovations Association FRUCT

1st FRUCT seminar: Seminar

The first meeting of the FRUCT project took place on 21-22 May 2007, at SPbSUAI premises (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). Below you can find the meeting program.

21 May. Schedule of the day

9.45 15m Meeting of participants near the central entrance of SUAI (St.Petersburg, B.Morskaya 67).

10.00 15m The official greeting of administration of Saint-Petersburg. Aleksey Azarskov, Deputy Chief of Committee on information and communications.

10.15 15m The official greeting of St.Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation. Dr., Professor Anatoly Ovodenko, Rector.

10.30 30m Tasks and the purposes of a seminar. Dr. Sergey Balandin, Leader of Nokia University Cooperation in Russia, Finland; Prof. Eugeny Kruk, Dean of the Information Systems and Data Protection Faculty, SUAI.

11.00 1h Encoding for wireless communications systems. Dr. Andrey Belogolovy, Senior Engineer, ZAO “Intel A/O”

12.00 20m Coffee-brake.

12.20 1h 10m Cooperative Communication where Network meets the Channel. Prof. Behnaam Aazhang, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Center for Multimedia Communication, Rice University, Houston, TX USA

13.30 1h Lunch.

14.30 30m WiMAX technology: simulation challenges and bridging the PHY gap Lecturer: Alexander Sayenko, Nokia, Finland

15.00 15m Signature interleaving Code Division Multiple Access. Alexey Dudkov, University of Turku.

15.15 15m Efficient block error models for mobile communications. Jussi Poikonen, University of Turku.

15.30 20m Queuing Analysis of GbN ARQ for wireless channel. Konstantin Dubkov, SUAI

15.50 1h Seminar “Modified decoder of Alamouti space-time code”. Aleksandr Kozlov, chief of telecommunication laboratory, Il’ja Katcev, SUAI.

17.00 2h Boat trip along rivers and channels of S.Petersburg. Start from the Moika bank near the central entrance of SUAI (B.Morskaya 67).

22 May. Schedule of the day

10.00 20m Spectral-effective signals. Theory and practice. Dr., Professor Sergey B.Makarov, Head of the Radio-Electronic Systems of Information Security Department, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

10.20 30m Application-specific multi-core processors and systems-on-chip for next generation communications equipment. Dr., Yiry Sheynin, head of the Information Systems Department, SUAI.

10.50 50m Wireless communications systems security. Dr., Sergey Bezzateev, the Associated Professor of the Information Systems Security Department, SUAI.

11.40 1.5h MIMO decoder using QRD-M algorithm. Ernst Zielinski, Nokia, Germany.

12.10 20m Coffee-brake.

12.30 30m Vector processor study done for 3.9G project. Holger Wirz, Nokia, Germany.

13.00 50m Perspective operated superhigh-frequency devices for telecommunication systems. Kozirev, Dr., Professors of the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University.

13.50 50m Lunch.

14.40 1h Seminar “Video over wireless transmission"and demonstration of adaptive video-transmission system over wireless channel by the example of WiFi

15.40 15m Comparison of channel models for evaluating the performance of mobile broadcasting systems. Piritta Hakala, University of Turku.

15.55 15m Signature ensembles and receiver structures for oversaturated synchronous DS-CDMA systems. Jarkko Paavola (Alexey Dudkov), University of Turku.

16.10 15m High-Speed WPAN MAC Performance Evaluation and Enhancement. Sergey Andreev, SUAI

16.25 15m JPEG2000 adjustment for wireless transmission. Аnn Ukhanova, SUAI

16.40 20m Coffee-brake 17.00 20m Presentation of 2 student projects, Andrey Rashich, State Polytechnical University

17.20 20m Presentation of 2 student projects, State Electrotechnical University

17.40 20m Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Technologies (EUREKA/Celtic projects Wing TV and B21C). Jussi Poikonen, University of Turku.

18.00 30m Summarizing of seminar. The Discussion about the joint Russian-Finnish educational and research project

18.30 2h A walking tour of the city center with visiting the Isaak Cathedral and the White Palace, the excursion to the Petro-Pavlovsky Fortress and Saint-Petersburg