Academia-to-Industry Competence Incubator

Open Innovations Association FRUCT

9th FRUCT conference: Registration

Thanks to our sponsors, we provide free of charge registration to the conference, but all participants must fill-in the registration form below. If you are the conference author, please first register to the conference and then SUBMIT your Full Paper (4 - 12 pages), or “presentation only” publication, poster/demo proposal (150 words - 2 pages document with standard paper header followed by the abstract text). Please submit your papers in PDF format and make sure that it follows our template: MS Word or LaTeX.

The accepted papers have to be modified according to the feedback of reviewers and re-submitted as .zip or .tgz archive.The archive file shall include .pdf and the source document in MS Word or LaTeX. Please make sure that all images in your paper are in black & white.