Academia-to-Industry Competence Incubator

Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'32

Tampere, Finland, 9-11 November 2022
FRUCT Oy, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-69244-8-9
Sergey Balandin, Evgeny Kucheryavy, Tatiana Shatalova

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title YouTube link Page start Page finish
Abrishami M., Dadkhah S., Neto E., Xiong P., Iqbal S., Ray S., Ghorbani A. Classification and Analysis of Adversarial Machine Learning Attacks in IoT: a Label Flipping Attack Case Study 3 14
Al Saadi I., Tarhuni N., Mesbah M. Ground Level Mobile Signal Prediction Using Higher Altitude UAV Measurements and ANN 15 21
Alam S., Kabir S., Hossain N., Hasnaine Q., Alam G. Classification Accuracy Comparison between Machine Learning Algorithms and a Deep Learning Algorithm in Predicting Hand Gestures 22 29
Al-Blasmeh H., Singh M., Singh R. Data and Location Privacy of Smart Devices over Vehicular Cloud Computing 30 37
Alegria B., Wong L., Bedrinana D. Model for Implementing a IoMT Architecture with ISO/IEC 27001 Security Controls for Remote Patient Monitoring 38 48
Averina M., Levanova O., Kasatkina N. Named Entity Recognition for Russian Judicial Rulings Text 49 55
Aytac K., Korcak O. Multi-Tenant Management in Secured IoT Based Solutions 56 64
Bazhenov N., Rybin E., Korzun D. An Event-Driven Approach to the Recognition Problem in Video Surveillance System Development 65 74
Chen X., Xu H., Qian P., Xu Y., Li F., Li S. Multi-kernel Convolutional Neural Network for Wrist Pulse Signal Classification 75 86
Dubasova E., Berdashkevich A., Kopanitsa G., Kashlikov P., Metsker O. Social Network Users Profiling Using Machine Learning for Information Security Tasks 87 92
Garcia A., Davila J., Wong L. Framework to Improve the Traceability of the Coffee Production Chain in Peru by Applying a Blockchain Architecture 93 101
Geyda A., Fedorchenko L. Digital Twins of Activities: Role of Information Actions 102 111
Huaroto L., Wong L., Alvarado V. Mobile Application: For Anxiety and Cardiovascular Depression Monitoring Using a Smartwatch Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 112 120
Kashevnik A., Ali A. Driving Safe Speed Estimation Based on Outside Environment Vision Analysis 121 127
Khodorchenko M., Butakov N., Nasonov D. Towards Better Evaluation of Topic Model Quality 128 134
Kvet M. Database Block Management using Master Index 135 142
Lostaunau J., Soto A., Barrientos A. Thesis Review and Analysis Automated System 143 151
Mahmoud A., Neagu D., Scrimieri D., Abdullatif A. Review of Immunotherapy Classification: Application Domains, Datasets, Algorithms and Software Tools from Machine Learning Perspective 152 161
Mavrogiorgos K., Mavrogiorgou A., Kiourtis A., Zafeiropoulos N., Kleftakis S., Kyriazis D. Automated Rule-Based Data Cleaning Using NLP 162 168
Meigal A., Gerasimova-Meigal L., Rego G., Korzun D. Motor Activity Sensorics for mHealth Support of Human Resilience in Daily Life 169 177
Menshchikov A., Perfilev V., Roenko D., Zykin M., Fedosenko M. Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Methods Application for Financial Fraud Detection 178 186
Moskvina A., Kirina M., Gavrilyuk A. Opinion Mining for Modeling User Experience of Online Education: Sentiment Analysis and Keywords Extraction of Student Reviews 187 195
Othman W., Shilov N. Enterprise Modelling Assistance: Edge Prediction Improvement Using Textual Information 196 203
Pairazaman L., Quispe A., Wong L. Mobile Application: An Approach with the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for the Allocation and Generation of Dietary Plans 204 213
Platonov K., Svetlov K., Saifulina V. Discourse on Vaccination on Russian Social Media: Topics and Controversy 214 220
Ponomarev A., Agafonov A. Ontology Concept Extraction Algorithm for Deep Neural Networks 221 226
Rathore M., Chaurasia S., Shukla D., Bentafat E. A Straightforward and Efficient Approach to Secure Smart Home Communication using Identify-Based Cryptosystems 227 237
Regnier B., Zhang J. Where to Put A Rower: A Novel and Practical Solution to Dragon Boat Partition Problem 238 245
Rodriguez A., Quispe D., Wong L. Model for the Monitoring of Competences of the PISA Test in Peru under a B-Learning Approach 246 254
Salyani P., Nourollahi R., Zare K., Mohammadi-Ivatloo B., Abapour M. Low-voltage Ride-through Response of Renewable-Penetrated Distribution Networks 255 261
Sherstinova T., Petrova I., Mineeva O., Fedosova M. Empirical Studies of Everyday Professional, Domestic and Client-Service Communication for the Development of Voice Assistants in Russian 262 269
Sindhwad P., Kazi F. Exploiting Control Device Vulnerabilities: Attacking Cyber-Physical Water System 270 279
Staroletov S., Chudov R. An Anomaly Detection and Network Filtering System for Linux Based on Kohonen Maps and Variable-order Markov Chains 280 290
Tahir S. Localization, Navigation and Activity Planning for Wheeled Agricultural Robots — A Survey 291 299
Yakovlev V., Korzhik V., Starostin V., Lapshin A., Zhuvikin A. Channel Traffic Minimizing Key Sharing Protocol Intended for the Use over the Internet and Secure without any Cryptographic Assumptions 300 307
Zaslavskiy M., Shestopalov R., Grebenshchikov A., Korenev D., Shkvirya E. Method for Automated Data Collection for 3D Reconstruction 308 315