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Open Innovations Association FRUCT

Proceedings of FRUCT'21

Proceedings of the 21st Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
6-10 November 2017, Helsinki, Finland, ISSN 2305-7254, ISBN 978-952-68653-2-4
Sergey Balandin, Valtteri Niemi and Tatiana Tyutina

Issue 1 (Full Papers)

Authors Title Page start Page finish
Afanasev M., Fedosov Y., Krylova A., Shorokhov S. Modular Industrial Equipment in Cyber-Physical Production System: Architecture and Integration 3 9
Afanaseva A., Afonin S. On High-Precision Chessboard Detection on Static Scene Videos from Mobile Eye-Tracking Devices 10 15
Alfahham A., Berekovic M. Energy Efficient Cooperative Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Sensor Network Using FPGA: a Survey 16 25
Alimuradov A., Tychkov A., Kuzmin A., Churakov P., Ageykin A., Vishnevskaya G. Measurement of Speech Signal Patterns under Borderline Mental Disorders 26 33
Andreev A., Bogoiavlenskii I. An Algorithm for Building an Enterprise Network Topology Using Widespread Data Sources 34 43
Anisimov A., Sutyagina A., Sergeev T. Evaluation of PWPT-based Method for Cuffless Monitoring of Arterial Blood Pressure 44 50
Antoniazzi F., Paolini G., Roffia L., Masotti D., Costanzo A., Cinotti T. A Web of Things Approach for Indoor Position Monitoring of Elderly and Impaired People 51 56
Borodin A., Zavyalova Y., Meigal A. Towards a Mobile System for Hypertensive Outpatients Treatment Adherence Improvement 57 63
Butusov D., Ostrovskii V., Karimov A., Belkin D. Study of Two-Memcapacitor Circuit Model with Semi-Explicit ODE Solver 64 70
Chumakova N., Olenev V., Lavrovskaya I. Conformance Testing of the STP-ISS Protocol Implementation by Means of Temporal Logic 71 78
Deart V., Fatkhulin T. Analysis of the Functioning of a Multi-Domain Transport Software-Defined Network with Controlled Optical Layer 79 87
Dunne J., Malone D. Different Every Time: A Framework to Model Real-Time Instant Message Conversations 88 99
Eliseev A., Orlenko A., Eliseev S. Not-Holding Connections as a Characteristic Feature of Dynamic Interactions of Elements of Technical Systems 100 107
Faisal M., Walter T., Montenegro S. Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for a Distributed Computing Network 108 113
Farouk E., Ibrahim M., Saleh M., Elramly S. Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems based on Data Nulling Superimposed Pilots 114 119
Filatov An., Filatov Ar., Krinkin K., Chen B., Molodan D. 2D SLAM Quality Evaluation Methods 120 126
Gorbachev V., Kaynarova E., Makarov A., Yakovleva E. Digital Image Watermarking Using DWT Basis Matrices 127 133
Grishin I., Timirgaleeva R. Air Navigation: Optimisation Control of Means Cueing of the Air-Traffic Control System 134 140
Ivanovsky L., Khryashchev V., Lebedev A., Kosterin I. Facial Expression Recognition Algorithm Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network 141 147
Kabirzadeh S., Rahbari D., Nickray M. A Hyper Heuristic Algorithm for Scheduling of Fog Networks 148 155
Kalyonova O., Perl I. Revealing of Entities Interconnections in System Dynamics Modelling Process by Applying Multimodal Data Analysis Paradigm 156 161
Kashevnik A., Lashkov I., Parfenov V., Mustafin N., Baraniuc O. Context-Based Driver Support System Development: Methodology and Case Study 162 171
Kiselnikov A., Dubov M., Priorov A. Non-Reference Metrics and Its Application for Distortion Compensation 172 181
Kochedykov D., Apishev M., Golitsyn L., Vorontsov K. Fast and Modular Regularized Topic Modelling 182 193
Korzhik V., Starostin V., Akhrameeva K. Investigation of Keyless Cryptosystem Proposed by Dean and Goldsmith 194 201
Kramar V., Maatta H., Hinkula H., Thorsen O., Cox G. Smart-Fish System for Fresh Fish Cold Chain Transportation Overall Approach and Selection of Sensor Materials 202 209
Kuzmin A., Safronov M., Bodin O., Prokhorov S., Stolbova A. Mobile ECG Monitoring System Prorotype and Wavelet-Based Arrhythmia Detection 210 216
Lavrovskaya I., Olenev V., Korobkov I. Fault-Tolerance Analysis Algorithm for SpaceWire Onboard Networks 217 223
Marchenkov S., Vdovenko A., Petrina O., Korzun D. Smart Museum of Everyday Life History in Petrozavodsk State University: Software Design and Implementation of the Semantic Layer 224 230
Meigal A., Prokhorov K., Bazhenov N., Gerasimova-Meigal L., Korzun D. Towards a Personal At-Home Lab for Motion Video Tracking in Patients with Parkinsons Disease 231 237
Mitrokhin M., Kuzmin A., Dyatlov N., Rakhmatullov F., Mitrokhina N., Alimuradov A., Tychkov A. Investigation of Models for Prognosis of Critical Values of Non-Invasive Electrophysiological Parameters of Pregnant Women with Abnormalities of Heart Rate 238 243
Muliukha V., Ilyashenko A., Zaborovsky V., Novopasheniy A. Space Experiment Kontur-2: Applied Methods and Obtained Results 244 253
Noskov A., Volokhov V., Priorov A., Khryashchev V. Full-Focused Image Fusion in the Presence of Noise 254 259
Obukhova N., Motyko A., Pozdeev A. Modern Methods and Algorithms in Digital Processing of Endoscopic Images 260 267
Peng Z., Richter P., Leppakoski H., Lohan E. Analysis of Crowdsensed WiFi Fingerprints for Indoor Localization 268 277
Rahbari D., Nickray M. Scheduling of Fog Networks with Optimized Knapsack by Symbiotic Organisms Search 278 283
Rwegasira D., Dhaou I., Anagnostou A., Kondoro A., Shililiandumi N., Kelati A., Taylor S., Mvungi N., Tenhunen H. A Framework for Load Shedding and Demand Response in DC Microgrid using Multi Agent System 284 289
Shchitov I., Lagutina K., Lagutina N., Paramonov I. Sentiment Classification Of Long Newspaper Articles Based On Automatically Generated Thesaurus With Various Semantic Relationships 290 295
Shchitov I., Lagutina K., Lagutina N., Paramonov I., Vasilyev A. A Survey On Thesauri Application In Automatic Natural Language Processing 296 303
Smirnov A., Ponomarev A., Levashova T., Shilov N. Ontology-based Cloud Platform for Human-Driven Applications 304 310
Smorodin G., Kolesnichenko O., Kolesnichenko Y., Myakinkova L., Prisyazhnaya N., Yakovleva D., Mazelis L., Martynov A., Pulit V., Danilova D., Litvak N., Balandin S. Internet of Things: Modern Paradigm of Health Care 311 320
Teslya N., Ryabchikov I. Blockchain-Based Platform Architecture for Industrial IoT 321 329
Timmerer C., Zabrovskiy A., Kuzmin E., Petrov E. Quality of Experience of Commercially Deployed Adaptive Media Players 330 335
Uda S., Kubota H. Sparse Gaussian Graphical Model with Missing Values 336 343
Vdovenko A., Bogoiavlenskaia O., Korzun D. Study of Active Subscription Control Parameters in Large-Scale Smart Spaces 344 350
Viola F., Antoniazzi F., DElia A., Corsi G., Roffia L., Cinotti T. Development of Collaborative Editing Applications through Semantic Publish-Subscribe Platforms 351 357
Volkov V., Ivanova V., Syschikov A. Code Generation for Multiprocessor Distributed Computing Systems 358 363
Wen S. Software Security in Open Source Development: A Systematic Literature Review 364 373
Wiotzki M., Sandkuhl K., Smirnov A., Kashevnik A., Shilov N. Digital Signage and Targeted Advertisement Based on Personal Preferences and Digital Business Models 374 381
Zubok D., Maiatin A., Khegai M., Kharchenko T. Evaluation Of Optimization Control Parameters in Multi-Leveled Cloud Platform 382 390